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Scott Sonenshein


Scott Sonenshein
Henry Gardiner Symonds Professor of Management

Jones Graduate School of Business
Rice University
6100 Main Street MS 531
Houston, TX 77005

Phone: 713-348-3182
Office: 230 McNair Hall
Email: scotts 'at' rice.edu

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Research Interests & Publications

Social Change & Business Ethics

My research on social change and business ethics examines the psychological processes used by individuals to make sense of what is right and wrong, as well as the sensegiving processes individuals use to influence others about right and wrong. My research challenges traditionally "rationalist" perspectives on social change (and related areas of behavioral ethics) by proposing that, when faced with social and ethical issues, individuals use a set of sensemaking mechanisms as they construct personal meanings and shape the meanings of others. My research in this area also examines how advocates of social change and ethical issues use sensemaking to establish and validate their identities (and thus buoy their resilience) and customize sensegiving messages to enhance their persuasiveness for a particular audience.

      Academy of Management Journal, 2016 
      Academy of Management Review, 2016 
      Organizational Psychology Review, 2014        Academy of Management Journal, 2014  
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